• 9

    TMNT Mutant Mayhem

    Extremely well animated with a great story. New supervillain, introduction to a bunch of new mutants, and a short and sweet retelling of an origin story.

  • 8.5

    Naked Gun

    Slapstick, physical, and absurd comedy. Right up my alley. Not every joke is great, and some they drag on too long, but Leslie Nielsen always adds a little chaos to each scene that is much appreciated.

  • 10

    12 Angry Men

    You never leave the room as a jury decides if a man is innocent or guilty. Tackles themes of racism, classism, and the justice system. A classic and the beginning of a subgenre. Highly recommended.

  • 9.5

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Ghost of Tsushima is perhaps the most beautiful game on the PS4, and certainly the best looking console exclusive. It also happens to be the best Assassins Creed game of all time.